Polly is an experienced session musician, collaborating with singer/songwriters from across the globe. Here are some examples of Polly’s work. If you’d like to collaborate, or would like Polly to play on your recording, please get in touch!

“Polly was a real pleasure to work with. She was really interactive when brainstorming ideas for my tracks and created sections, which I feel gave my EP a much more professional sound. She worked with a patient and positive attitude and her prowess on the cello with main melodies and harmonies lifted my tracks to a new standard. I would very highly recommend her.” Liam McClair, Manchester

Justine Vandergrift


Justine Vandergrift, Brady Enslen & Ben Longman


“Working with Polly is an absolute dream! She has a great ear, is quick to learn new tunes, and her playing adds a rich layer of beauty to any song!”
Emily Nancy Guthrie, Alberta, Canada

Emily Nancy Guthrie


Palace – Someday Somewhere (Live At Festival No.6) ft. Joe Duddell, The No. 6 Ensemble

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